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2nd Year Resident and Signing Bonus Question

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    MGMA has signing bonus for hires and first year attendings. For what it’s worth.Relo as well.


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      I am nervous for the OP taking a hospitalist job right out of residency with an $80k signing bonus.

      There is something going on here. Maybe it’s just rural and it’s where the OP wants to be, but that is a helluva lot of money for an IM signing bonus.

      The fact that they need to pay you $80k to get you to take the job would make me want to understand with great intimacy how this money is treated if you don’t stay with them for 1, 3, or 5 years.
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      This is really not that big of a deal. Smart hospitals do this. It usually means rural and hard to recruit to. Ours was higher in the past, and its been great for my friends for years and so far so good (things change).
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      If it’s above market then the OP needs to have a crystal clear understanding of why they are getting it — and this is way above market unless I badly miss my guess.

      The answer is almost certainly not that St. Wherever is a well-kept secret and an incredible place for a doc to work.
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      is it that much above market? It seems like a lot of places have low 5 figure bonuses. this is a bit higher than that but it’s not like ” come here and get 200k bonus.”
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      it sounds pretty high to me but to be fair i don’t have intimate knowledge of the hospitalist job market.

      the highest signing bonus i’ve heard of for EM is maybe $25k? it’s usually nothing. full disclosure i am not dealing with a rural or Southeastern job market for the most part.

      i would expect hospitalist to be lower since the salary is usually lower.

      there are probably people on here who can tell me whether i’m right.
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      Have seen 6 figure signing bonuses and retention bonuses to boot. They exist, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes absolutely a good deal.