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New Car Lease delivered to your door

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  • New Car Lease delivered to your door

    My friends got me involved with a leasing opportunity.  Pretty much always gets best deal on a car, and the car is delivered right to your door.  No hassles, no visiting multiple dealers.  Pretty straight forward to use and you speak to a person.  Nice for professionals.  Happy to connect anyone.

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    Welcome to the forum - I almost didn't approve this as a first post, though. Kind of atypical to promote a service as an introduction but I realize you may be trying to help your colleagues. Would you mind telling us a little about yourself? Sorry if this sounds harsh - we get so many promotion gimmicks that don't make it through screening and just want a little verification that I made the right call.

    Thanks and, again, welcome!
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      Wow amazing hooray get out bonkers.......

      So your friend gets you then you get someone else or what?

      @jfox would rather you block, get confirmation, then allow.....


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        Weird first post. Know anyone that sells whole life insurance, too?


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          Taking the OP at face value, a doc looking to help other docs out with their automobile acquisitions, this is the wrong crowd here for that sort of deal. We advocate buying affordable cars with cash and keeping them for a long time, thereby minimizing the number of automobile transactions, as part of one's wealth accumulation strategy. Leasing cars is rarely a better alternative.


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            Leasing comes with a cost. Actually I am aware of one company that will completely disclose it. Most don’t.
            The convenience factor is overplayed. The real benefit is IF you have a fixed need, you can tailor the miles and residual value. Commission and interest will cost you on top of the normal depreciation costs.
            Rarely appropriate.


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              Hey, guys, with all due respect, I don't see any need to get snarky yet. I'm certainly not going to block first and ask questions later unless I see a need to, and I didn't (personally) see a need in this instance. Possible this is a physician who just found this site, read a few posts, and wasn't aware of the strong anti-lease bias. Not much of a welcome for a newbie.

              To be fair, many of our clients choose to lease for many reasons, not the least of which is convenience, and I would bet good money that many readers of this forum do the same and they're not going down the drain as a result. Some of our clients actually (gasp) fly first class! I'm not going to give anyone grief over such spending unless their finances and habits are not setting them on track to reach their lifetime goals.

              If it's important to you to lease for convenience, your brother owns the company, or whatever other reason and your spending/saving habits are in order, I say go for it.

              Now, if this is an impostor, then it's a deep 6, but that won't change my mind about what I've just said.
              Financial planning, investment management and CPA services for medical and high-income professionals | 270-247-6087


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                I don't think it's so much the lease that's the issue, but rather, "Pretty much always gets best deal on a car,"

                Let me guess, he always wins money in Vegas, too.