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Physician Mortgage refinance when LTV still >80%

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  • Physician Mortgage refinance when LTV still >80%

    Has anyone done this recently? I’m shopping around. Only 1yr into our 0% down physician mortgage.

    Problem I am seeing is super low rates talked about on Bogleheads refinance thread through companies like better, lenderfi, etc only really work for much lower LTV, plus those companies are all just going to sell the loans off right away so won’t forgoe PMI

    I have so far only reached out to current lender (suntrust / truist) to see if they can get to anything close just without the PMI but it’s not nearly as competitive.

    Will start looking around more with physician loan specific lenders but curious if anyone had similar experience or thoughts?

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    Following since I'm in the same boat as you and same lender - same results. 1 year out, 0 down, LTV >80%, 4.25% for fixed 30 year. Suntrust was giving me high 3s the last few times I checked.

    I was also considering refi physician mortgage into a 15 year to reduce overall interest but haven't inquired about those rates yet.


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      Refinanced a couple of months ago into another physician [email protected] 2.75/15. You'll just have to look at what physician mortgages are in your area. Some will refinance them.


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        2.75 15yr from Suntrust this week. Not horrible but not the 2% range it would be if LTV lower. Thing that is more frustrating to me is they are being very difficult about getting it to a true no cost refi


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          HousingWire: UWM announces 1.99% rate for 30-year fixed mortgage.