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Buying a house in a place you've never been

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    Originally posted by Tim View Post
    Was it worth a round trip ticket for one?
    -- we both went out and looked, wasnt going to close without seeing it.
    How secure is the spouse with her position?
    -- no clue. new job.
    Did one or both visit the new location?
    -- technically saw the area while interviewing, so <24h.
    How did you pick the neighborhood?
    -- educated guess
    An idea where you are possibly going to work?
    -- still unemployed.
    With google earth and maps, much of the neighborhood scouting can be done virtually. Did you virtually check the house and street etc.?
    -- sure but its pretty worthless other than major landmarks (parks, gas stations, churches, etc). otherwise the street was a quiet suburban street in photos.
    I doubt Peds relies on solely a virtual walk through. Curious how you actually researched the area.
    -- it was solely a virtual walk through. we saw maybe 3-5 houses prior, then this one, then stopped.
    Have done the same virtual approach for apartment rentals, for my daughter. Always had a short round trip plane ticket to confirm.
    One, she was familiar with the city, no connections. No trip needed. Another in our hometown where she was born, attended med school and has a ton of friends and family at trip was needed.
    It counts, either yes or no.
    definitely different than our parents did it.....


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      “- sure but its pretty worthless other than major landmarks (parks, gas stations, churches, etc). otherwise the street was a quiet suburban street in photos”
      Disagree with worthless. Many times, especially in urban and highly populated suburbs .
      Denver, DC, Chicago, St Louis, Boston and Houston all at the same time would have been impossible. It’s amazing how many really nice looking places are the only rehabbed place on the block. Rundown apartments across the street. Pawn shops and fortune tellers in a rundown shopping center you pass to get in. You can see a lot and access to the commute. Cuts days out of getting a feel for the area.

      Techically, saw the area and saw the house before buying. That is confirmation, eyes on.
      Educated guess for the neighborhood.
      Employment, seems like spouse seems to have a pretty good fit and pretty sure you are confident compared to the prior situation.

      I know it’s not Fla. Now you have me curious. Was the primary driver the wife’s job or the city first. Guess the job. Curiosity is killing me. But that’s just being nosy.


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        Every Spring, I catch the graduating surgical residents shopping on Zillow, or Trulia, or RMLS for a big house with a big mortgage. They can taste the big paycheck, and I can feel their desperation to finally get settled, after 7+ years of residency training. Even in their situation, with an offer in hand, I recommend that they rent for a year or two. In the situation of the OP, without a position to land on, and with a spouse in a startup, I definitely would rent.