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Health Insurance - Any reason to Choose the Basic Plus Option?

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  • Health Insurance - Any reason to Choose the Basic Plus Option?

    Hi All,

    I'm currently in residency. The window to choose our health insurance closes in the middle of June. I've attached the comparison tables between our two options. I've went with the basic option up to this point, but wondering if there's any reason to change to the basic plus option.

    Some info that I think could factor into my decision:
    - I am currently married. My wife is also on the plan currently.
    - We are actively trying to start a family. As such, if successful some of the prenatal care will occur this year, but the delivery and any future costs of our child won't be until 2021 (but could still be within the window of my current choice).
    - Costs per pay-period are as follows (taken pre-tax):
    - Resident + Spouse: 115.96 (basic), 219.04 (plus)
    - Resident + Spouse + Children: 151.47 (basic), 294.37 (plus)
    - Current costs: A couple of relatively cheap prescriptions, combined for a couple of acute office visits over the last year, but none expected ongoing. Obviously it's impossible to predict what our health will be like 100%, but at least no current chronic issues.

    Looking at just my wife and me, the difference over a full year is ~$2680 in premiums. However, looking at the annual out of pocket maximums, it seems like the biggest difference in our costs would be $2000. I feel like I'm missing something, otherwise why would anyone choose the plus option? What am I missing? Is there a scenario where it makes sense to switch to the plus option?

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    From the looks of it the basic plan is the way to go if you can handle the higher deductibles and expenses.

    Some people like paying more to know that they will not have to owe much at one given time. But when you look at total cost over the year it appears that the basic is the way to go.


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      I sent you a PM describing in further detail. But basically, you'll save money 100% of the time with the basic plan in your scenario no matter if you hit the out-of-pocket maximums or not.