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Can I move out of USA if and when I get disabled ?

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  • Can I move out of USA if and when I get disabled ?

    What company offers international disability insurance in such as way that I can move back to my home country when I get disabled ? Similarly , what about life insurance policy that will be effective for my family if they want to move back to home country after my death.

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    Most companies will allow you to be out of the country up to 12 months while on claim but you have to be under appropriate care for your specific disability. Mass Mutual claims that they will honor a claim anywhere in the world for any length of time but in my 27 years of experience in the disability insurance space I have never had a Mass Mutual claim that the claimant has been out of the country longer than 9 months so I can't speak to if that is a smooth process or what the pitfalls might be. The reasoning behind the 12 month clause is that part of the way a carrier prices the product to you the consumer is based on the medical world we live in here in the USA and ability to get a patient treatment / rehabilitation. If one were to be out of the USA while on claim the ability to rehab back may be prolonged and thus have costs to the carrier greater than anticipated which translates to bigger losses to the carrier. That is the main reason these carriers will limit the time. Now with that being said there are exceptions to that rule which can requested and I have seen granted for Canada, along with parts of Western Europe but that's not always as it is case.

    As for life insurance, once you have bought your policy you can live anywhere in the world and die anywhere in the world and that policy will pay once the carrier has a proper death certificate and documentation. To my knowledge, at least none for our clients, there are no life insurance policies that require you and or your beneficiaries live in the USA in order for the life policy to be in-force and active.

    I am pretty certain I answered the questions asked but if not just let me know and I will give it another shot!


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      Scott thanks for being around to answer these types of questions. Very helpful and much appreciated.
      my radiology group is hiring, pm if you can do msk and are interested