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  • disability insurance rejection

    I'm currently a fellow, and applied for disability insurance a few months ago, which has been in underwriting. I found out that my application was declined. The reason was 'multiple medical issues', although not specified, based on their review of my PCP records. As far as I know, I don't have any current disabilities. I do have weight to lose, and I was prepared that I might have to pay a 25% higher premium for this until I lost the weight, although never expected to be declined. I have a few other random stuff on my record of unknown significance, as my PCP is an integrative medicine doc and loves to order random preventive testing (which I am kicking myself for going along with at this time). It shows I have some MTHFR mutation (which basically means my metabolism of folate is slightly reduced, although doesn't make any impact on my life at present. I am heterozygous for the mutation, and have one of the lesser concerning variations, making it even a more non-issue. But my doc still has this listed on my 'problem list' in my record). I went to a chiropractor for a handful of visits about 3 years ago. I currently see a therapist 1-2x/month for 'adjustment disorder' though do not take any meds.

    I'm super disappointed about being declined, as I don't think I'm currently impaired at all. Not sure if someone has had success being rejected initially and applying successfully thereafter. I'm wondering if this might be an option in future. The only thing I can think of is to lose the extra weight, which I'm working on. My doctor has ordered me some additional random labs (on things like various gut bacteria, etc), and I don't even want to get any further testing done at all due to my concern about ever getting disability insurance.
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    Well the good news is that you can save money on disability insurance.

    If it is important to you, look for an employer who provides good group disability coverage.


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      I would say the "adjustment disorder" is the most likely cause of the rejection as it is considered a mental health disorder and some patients are on disability due to the disorder. Keep going to your doctor for therapy, the other random tests I'm not so sure about.

      Agree with Craigy, find a job with group disability (no underwriting)


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        "I don't think I'm currently impaired at all." They are concerned about the future. If you are a "fellow", snag that group disability police under the group plan where you are training. Most likely you have a few weeks left to sign up for it.
        • Was it own occupation
        • What was the company
        • If you get any of the "Guaranteed Issue" promos, fill them out.
        • Take care of yourself, seems like the PCP is making some suggestions.
        Not sure how they got your physicians records. You fill out the health questionnaire.


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          I am surprised they didn't just exclude mental disorders from your covered disabilities.


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            Originally posted by renzi View Post
            I'm super disappointed about being declined, as I don't think I'm currently impaired at all. .
            youll prob need help now as youll have to check youve been declined before. theres a list somewhere on this website.

            but if i was a 30yo, overweight, adjustment d/o, MTHFR +, back pain NOS.....i would have gone into this with a little more planning.....


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              Thank you all for your responses. I will definitely look into a group plan wherever I'm next employed. I don't know too much about this, though I'll see if any group plans offer own occupation insurance.

              I'm actually a psychiatry fellow, and we were encouraged to pursue our own therapy during our training so that we could understand what it was like to be on the other side of the couch. I think Adjustment Disorder was the benign diagnosis that was used to bill through insurance. I think I'm mentally well. Unfortunately I didn't realize that this might bite me in the butt later. I really didn't think about all of this before electing for voluntary treatments like therapy, chiropractor, etc, as I figured it couldn't hurt to go.

              Although I graduate from fellowship this year, I am thinking to apply to another 1 year fellowship in another state. I'm wondering if I lose the extra weight, and stay away from further therapy (and definitely stay away from another chiropractor, which I haven't seen anyway in a few years) if I might be able to be reconsidered for personal own-occupation insurance. It will suck to have to say I've been declined before.


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                Med school admins should be way more cautious in promoting psychotherapy to students/residents without considering the implications for disability insurance. Shortsighted IMO