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    Originally posted by Cubicle View Post
    Amateurs... I pulled the dents out of my front bumper, swapped the headlight with a $29 ebay unit, banged the hood "straight enough", used 16 gauge steel wire to bind the grill back into place, took "her" to the car wash & that was 5 years ago.

    "Did something hit your car?"

    "No... Why do you ask????"
    Too far. Treat “her” right. A little effort helps on appearances. Probably a few fasteners or the trim. This is one of my next big projects. The chrome is pealing.
    If it’s broke, I fix it. “She” deserves pampering and ages gracefully. I even recovered the leather center console lid and replaced the floor mats. I treat my ladies with respect. “She” can be a looker and age gracefully.


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      Originally posted by Zaphod View Post

      Big deal, you're not working in them and only a couple of a days worth see its non impactful, you're in scrubs business casual. I mean seeing consults, basically in your jammies. Pts have seen me roll up in full cycling gear, again, one or two each time.
      We're on the same page. I thought you were saying you couldn't get away with that. I've never arrived in cycling kit, but certainly left in it.