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Is there a bubble in physician personal finance blogs? Or, more generally, PF blogs?

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  • Is there a bubble in physician personal finance blogs? Or, more generally, PF blogs?

    I probably would need to retire to keep up with all of the physician personal finance/lifestye blogs and podcasts and if I kept up with the general PF blogs and podcasts that I previously subscribed, I would have to additionally petition our Maker/the Cosmos for 30 hour days.

    There is a lot of quality material being distributed, but at some point, it becomes overwhelming to consume even a fraction of it. Additionally, there is probably diminishing returns over time, as there are undoubtedly an infinite number of clever and entertaining ways to say (spend less, enjoy experiences, save more, invest wisely, and stave off burnout), once the core lessons are read/heard, understood, and incorporated, it becomes preaching to the choir.

    I will share my current approach and setlist, and maybe others can share what they do.

    1. I get the WCI email daily and read his blog when relevant, 2-3 times per week. When the classics are reposted, and I usually read these as these are often his best and most meaningful work. I always listen to the podcast unless it is focused on a specific topic of no current interest (ie. anything student debt related, life/disability insurance, etc.). I enjoy most the Dave Ramsey radio-style format when people call in via speak pipe, and WCI answers the question.

    2. I still receive the PoF blog emails, and I hold PoF in highest regard, but increasingly I have found that we are personally moving in different directions, and his message is not what I am seeking. I do read the Sunday Best blog every Sunday, first thing, in part to see what he is up to. I am happy for him for his retirement and thrilled that his blog has been so successful.

    3. The Happy Philosopher - I read every one of this increasingly infrequent blog, usually twice. The message and writing style are outstanding. I consider him to be one of my mentors, and I am humbled that he gave me the opportunity to tell my personal burnout story on his blog.

    4. Crispy Doc - We are kindred spirits in many ways, and I also love his blog and message but the email distribution is a bit wonky, and I tend to read the newer blogs in chunks.

    5. Reflections of a Millennial Physician - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE M, her poignant stories and reflections and her writing style (and her awesome outdoor adventures posted on Ig). I read these as soon as they hit my mailbox. If you are not reading her, you should. I think the title of the blog is misleading, and this alone might unfortunately turn people away.

    6. Physician Philosopher - Great writer and structure with a message that tends to be more to a younger, less experienced audience. I tend to read his blog once per week or two.

    7. All the rest of the physician blogs - sporadic, at best. I used to keep up with DocG, who probably wrote, for me, the most impactful of blogs with "Why I Usually Bring My B Game". I miss the old Wall Street Physician, Rogue MD (rarely posts), and Doctor of Finance (my forum and in person friend, hatton1) blogs. I always liked Wealthy Doc and Cory Fawcett, but I never got into the routine of reading them. I sporadically catch xryvsn and Dr. McFrugal on Ig or Twitter, now and again. I never got into PassiveMD (RE not my jam) or anything with a deep frugality message. And podcasts - Doc Money Matters and The Physician Negotiator, when there is a topic of interest.

    8. The rest of the personal finance blogs - ERN's SWR series (has become tedious), Actuary on Fire (actuarial viewpoint and wicked sense of humor), Money for the Rest of Us podcast (very different perspective on personal finance), Morningstar's new The Long View podcast (I listen to about half of them), and Rick Ferri's Bogleheads podcast (3 of every 4 monthly).

    Edited to add: Wealth of Common Sense Blog (almost daily) and accompanying Animal Spirits podcast (6/month). Also, Antonacci's sporadic Dual Momentum blog.

    So what is everyone else's approach to this burgeoning area? Any blogs or podcasts that I should add? If so, what needs to be subtracted?

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    Great rundown - you do an awful lot of blogs, even after cutting some out. I've wondered also about how many ways there are to say save less, spend more, protect assets. Will def. check out the Millennial Physician

    Looking forward to others' perspectives.
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      Man you need to branch out and read other things. All of these blogs are redundant.


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        Real Vision Adventures in Finance Podcast. It's more about world economics and what not. I would start from the beginning (early 2017). It's interesting to hear what some of their predictions are from the future.

        ChooseFI podcast is pretty good for some of us at the beginning of the journey. It's also geared to the general populace, so it's nice to have perspective (i.e. we as physicians/high income professionals are fortunate). I have listen to it at 1.5x because they dilly dally around saying how awesome everything is all the time.


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          So what is everyone else’s approach to this burgeoning area?
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          I check this forum and bogleheads fairly regularly. That's about it.


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            Not a bubble.  But saturated, yes.


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              Man you need to branch out and read other things. All of these blogs are redundant.
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              Of course. I have numerous other podcast interests, read books (fiction and nonfiction), watch television series, etc.


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                Not a bubble.  But saturated, yes.
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                Bubble always make it sound more sensational, no?


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                  millionairedoc and Gasem ( also have interesting blogs



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                    residency i consumed everything.

                    now, almost nothing.

                    theres generally nothing new.


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                      I do the White Coat Investor and then just a generalized shogun approach to personal finance articles. Ie whatever click bait pops up on social media news feed, google news, etc. Which of course big data links me to a lot of Physicians on fire and other physician personal finance websites.

                      Every now and then I pick up a new idea or approach. Most articles usually just make me feel good about myself or provide some type of statistics. As you mentioned, once you've consumed so much information regarding the same principals (spend less, save more, enjoy life, etc.). Those type of informative articles don't provide a lot of value for me anymore and are too high level in my opinion for my interest. So usually its testimonial things that keep me interested.



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                        Wci, delete the sat, Tues and thurs posts and anything dealing with debt/loans.
                        PoF, usually skim.
                        PoF and WCI summary posts.
                        Clements weekly summary.
                        Can I retire yet, sometimes.
                        Financial samurai weekly summary.

                        There is a pretty large element of overlap and preaching to the choir. Rare to pick up anything actionable, which makes the reading turn into "skim and delete."


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                          Ditto what others have said, I voraciously consumed all of WCI content I could get my hands on for years.

                          I listen to most WCI podcasts, although I tend to batch them and kind of binge rather than keeping up in real time.

                          I really like PoF and enjoy the writing, I think by the time he came on my radar I was pretty comfortable with PF content and my own plan. Suspect I would have read it a lot more had I found it earlier.

                          At this point I basically only use this forum. Most questions I have now tend not to have easy correct answers so the hive mind of a smart forum is just a better outlet for me to get info and compare things. I have learned a ton from this forum.

                          Given my position in academics at this point in my life I do far more teaching about PF than learning about it.


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                            @Vanguard MD,  do you not also read A Wealth of Common Sense? and listen to AnimalSpiritspod ?


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                              So what is everyone else’s approach to this burgeoning area? 
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                              I check this forum and bogleheads fairly regularly. That’s about it.
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