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    My dad passed away in February, and I want this to bring his memory to life, and make my mom, siblings, nieces and nephews happy.
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    So very nice of you... just know there will likely be lots of tears as they watch... they will be bitter sweet tears and good ones to shed, but maybe have some Kleenex ready for them?

    One nephew is about to leave for college – took him out to dinner where we talked about physics, consciousness and the simulation hypothesis.
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    Pretty cool... love those kinds of moment.

    I try to count my blessings often. Seriously considering negotiating a four-day workweek to have a three day weekend. I believe 32 hours is considered full time, and I think I could settle even for a directly proportional 20% paycut.
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    Our docs work 32 hours for full time... but that is patient contact hours (so we know you are doing lots of other charting, phone calls etc. to make up to the ~36-40 hours). For our docs who take call, we decrease the office hours as they have more inpatient contact hours to account for. I have worked part-time, when my kids were little, it was awesome. I now flex my time, so it doesn't feel horrible, but I am working too hard. I'll end up cutting back in the next 3-5 years...


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      OK, I'll play. This was my Saturday yesterday:

      Woke up without an alarm at 7 AM.  Wanted to sleep in but once I got to a certain age, my body rejected the notion of sleeping in.

      Cancelled AM gym class.  Too tired to go.

      Do charts haphazardly.  Every few minutes, youtube videos beckoned me.

      Woke kids up at 9 AM.  Told them to eat breakfast.

      20 minutes later, chased after kids to eat breakfast.

      Do charts.

      30 minutes later, realized the kids were not eating breakfast.

      Used my "outdoor voice" to remind the kids to eat breakfast.  Set a timer with some threats of no video games.

      Kids finally done with breakfast, shuttled them to the piano to prepare for a recital later in the day.

      Back to charts.

      Intervened when son played too loud with his left hand and played song too fast.

      Son didn't like the criticism and proceeded to slide down the piano chair in slo-mo and then was a heap on the floor.

      Herding cats--it's what I do on weekends.

      Not complaining though.  I know these days of having my cats all under the same roof is short-lived and I'm enjoying the chaos.




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        My wife works 2-3 Saturdays a month depending if there are 4 or 5 and I usually do 1. We try to make sure we have at least 1 a month free. When someone is working the stay at home parent just keeps the chaos in check. 4 kids 5 and under.
        The free Saturday we use to visit family or kids museum or zoo etc.
        My middle son is the alarm clock. We take turns who gets to "sleep in" until 7.
        It is hard now but we know how fast these years will go by.


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          My past Saturday wasn't quite normal in my routine but fun so I'll share.

          Every year around my birthday, I hike up a nearby mountain to prove I'm not old. It's about 13-14 miles round trip with about 3500 feet elevation depending on the trail.

          I usually get some taco bell for breakfast and some breakfast burritos to save and eat on the trail. This was my first time taking the Tesla up in the mountains and was curious to see how much charge it would take. Coming up on the trailhead, I meet a few families of turkeys that won't get out of the way. I wonder if they would've gotten out of the way with an ICE car. I keep nudging forward until they get the hint and move.

          I start my hike and feel great. Love the smell of the mountains and hearing nothing but nature around me. Stop occasionally to snap a picture or 2 with my phone. As I get closer to the top, I start to tire a bit but feel ok... but then my legs start cramping up. Dammit I'm not old so I push through it. I stop for a burrito break and hear some rustling up the trail and noticed a deer coming towards me. I wonder if it wants part of my burrito. Well when it noticed me, it turned and went into the trees. More burrito for me I guess.

          I get to the top, admire the views and rest a bit then start the trip back down. Downhill is way easier! No more cramping but now my toes are starting to hurt half way down. I meet some people starting their hike and they were wondering how far it was to where they were going and not the top where I came from. I gave them an estimate that was probably undershot the time it would take to get there. I hope they didn't hike for another hour and think man that guy lied to us.

          I get back to my car and start the drive out. A few minutes later, still on the access roads, I hear a small noise and notice that a really big fuzzy caterpillar has landed on my door and was slowly trying to inch out. I take something and try to nudge it out the window while driving on the narrow mountain roads, but fail miserably and it lands on my leg instead. I shriek and shake my leg knocking it to the floor mat at least while successfully not driving off the side. I find a pull off and get out and get the little guy out.

          Rest of the drive home was pretty uneventful. I actually gained a fair amount of charge going down the mountain which was nice. My fiancée has been studying for a test and needed a break so we go out to eat. They tell me to stop walking weird in our downtown area because it turns out I got some blisters on my feet and my legs are still sore from the hike. They say it looks like I have something stuck up my butt and I'm embarrassing them.

          I can tell that I'm getting older, but not old yet! Maybe I should stop eating so much taco bell...


          edit: I was trying to upload a picture of the deer but can't figure out how. here's a link for anyone interested


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            This is a really good thread.  Our Saturdays are different than they've been in years.  Older child is now off at college and younger one is driving.  This is the first Saturday in forever no child is playing a fall sport, so no driving all over the place to catch a game or meet.  Also, my wife started teaching at a new university and her work demands are much less intense.


            This past Saturday we did something new as we went on a short "hike" (no elevation change so I don't consider it a hike) as a part of our local county park system fall hiking spree. Then headed to breakfast by ourselves.  I work from home so having breakfast out every once in awhile feels good to me.


            I know as an Ohio State alumnus I'm supposed to sit around and watch their football game.  But the weather was too nice so I did some work in the yard and read outside.  Maybe that is where I picked up the ************************ poison ivy!  The only thing I didn't do that I wanted to was have a little fire in the pit out back.  Hopefully this weekend and a cold beverage to enjoy a nice late summer evening.


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              I've had Saturday morning office hours, one weekend per month, since starting out. In theory, these time slots should help working parents and adult patients who cannot take off work during normal office hours.

              What's the worst thing about Saturday morning office hours? When patients/families don't keep their Saturday morning appointments.

              On other Saturday mornings, my teenage son wants to practice driving with me. He states his driving confidence peaks between the hours of 5am and 6am. So now he wakes me up [what a turn of events] and he drives us to Waffle House for breakfast and we try to find new routes back home. It's some of the most enjoyable and stressful hours of my week.


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                What’s the worst thing about Saturday morning office hours? When patients/families don’t keep their Saturday morning appointments.
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                I feel that a no show on a scheduled weekend appointment should be an instant dismissal.