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Residential Carpet Cost

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  • Residential Carpet Cost

    Does anyone have much experience with carpeting their home? We’re looking to re-carpet some of the bedrooms in our new house and are getting quotes for approximately $40 per square yard including removal of the old carpet and installation. Does this sound reasonable?

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    I would compare that quote to something from Lowe's.  They typically overestimate 10% of materials due to cutting loss, etc.  Your estimate comes in at ~$4.44 per square foot.  Does this include materials or just the install?  Carpet AND pad?

    For comparison, I had an install done last year on part of my condo and this was the quote I got from Lowe's:

    Carpet Needed: 708 SQ/FT  - $1,331.04
    Carpet Gripper Metal: $6.58
    Carpet Padding (Upgraded Pad) $688.41
    Carpet Dump Fee: $35
    Furniture Moving: Free - There was a $90 charge for moving oversized furniture (2 beds) but fee was taken off.

    All told that came to about $2.87 per square foot.  We went high end on the padding and low end on the carpet.  If we were doing it on our own place we would definitely go high grade on the padding and medium grade on the carpet.  The padding is what makes the difference in terms of comfort.


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      For mid grade to nicer carpet $5 a sq ft is a reasonable expected cost.  That is $45 a sq yard.

      Stairs might be extra.

      Do not cheap out on the pad.

      I usually get a quote from lowes and then 1-2 local companies.  It has been a while since I have done carpet so sorry if this is dated.


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        Sounds about right. 8 lb pad tacked on to the price of carpet which is usually $3-5/sq ft. Don't know why they're quoting in square yards but it's roughly a 9x conversion. We went to a local place and my mom haggled them to including the price of the better pad. Unless you're buying wool, all the commercial carpets you get will get visible wear and tear quite easily. You can get into variables like length and twist and whatnot, but for the most part it won't make much of a difference. The carpet is about as sturdy as it looks, and if you want it to last longer, get something denser.


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          Sounds good thanks everyone!

          The price includes removal of the old carpet, installation of new carpets, and high grade padding with some medium and some high grade carpeting. I’ll proceed as planned!