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Low Savings rate with high WAR

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    "*If* things go according to plan, we would just pay off the mortgage in 2 years, in 2 chunks of $250k per year, that we would just keep in a savings account. I wouldn’t want the risk of potentially losing the money in the market, plus with such a short period of time, I think we’d end up losing money, right"


    If you're going to throw it at the mortgage, just throw it at the mortgage, don't let 250k languish in a savings account earning 2% while your mortgage is at 3.something%.

    Why would you end up losing $ investing it. You might, but not because you have a 2 year time horizon.


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      “Should I pay student loans first even if they are 3.2% fixed vs 5% on the practice loan?”

      “Have your accountant run some numbers and decide.”

      Do people really bother asking an accountant something like that? I guess ever present calculators really have impaired our math abilities.
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      It may be that simple or it may not be depending on OP's comfort factor and income and tax situation. Only the OP and his/her accountant knows the tax bracket OP is in and the applicability of the itemized deduction phaseout mentioned in my post. Being a math wiz doesn't make one an expert in Taxes.


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        Thanks for all the excellent posts guys.