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  • Originally posted by EntrepreneurMD View Post

    I wish that excited me. I have a fund (which was up 79.35% 2019) up nearly 100% from the March lows since you want to use that time frame as a reference point, and it's up over 11% YTD so roughly a 17% spread over S&P.
    I'm not arguing for other investment vehicles, in a 2009 type scenario it's the markets all the way for me...just objectively my market non-index investments have significantly outperformed over the long term, the longer the term the greater the divergence in the compounding ultimately achieved and it's pretty dramatic. SPX last 10-year return 13.18% annualized. Versus SPX, my favorite pick 30.84% 10 year annualized. $1M invested over 10 years, final balances are $3,449,029.40. vs. $14,702,979.60 or $13,101,727.60 corrected for fund fees.

    If anyone disagrees, show me the data. People here call data unicorns, almost a fear of believing the numbers hiding in plain sight. I've challenged anyone to find me a better than 30% 10-year annualized fund return. The responses I get are like those of envious surgeons and whippersnappers, confused by personal emotions and devoid of educational substance. Yes past returns are no guarantee of future returns...can't wait to chat with the naysayers in 10 years. They may get likes, but they can't get ahead. So incredibly easy to herd the masses, it's the minority who see the power of the numbers I'm talking to, the active Goldman Sachs not passive Vanguard kinfolk. Small choices have a profound long term effect on outcomes. Clarity is elusive. The fog can be thick, it's a bright sunny day over here though.
    Nobody can give you a fund that beats your favorites because you continually refuse to tell us what your actual funds/stocks are. Despite the fact that you’ve proven you have no interest in telling us in what you actually invest, and how you reach the decisions to do so, I will reiterate that I would still be genuinely interested in your methods. “I invest in xyz and abc funds. Check their returns for yourself. I chose these funds because the metrics A, B, and C made sense to me after I read the following resources...”

    Teach us something. This is an anonymous forum. The only downside to that is that you could no longer hold something over our heads and instead continue with “I get 40% annual returns which blows you plebs and your index funds out of the water and also I’m a PCP so you surgeons can suck it.”

    I hope you prove us wrong and actually contribute to the forum. But instead here I am again engaging with the troll. However I’ve typed more than my simple surgeon brain can typically handle so I don’t wanna delete all those letters and will just hit submit.


    • for those interested, more explanation here, presented without comment


      • Originally posted by jacoavlu View Post
        for those interested, more explanation here, presented without comment
        Thanks! Forgot about this.

        How insightful from 2 years ago, OMG almost all came to fruition:

        "It's just my opinion but I like (and based on today's information expect sustained out-performance):

        1. Technology/internet including FAANG (who doesn't), semiconductors (what devices won't have chips over the coning decades).
        2. Healthcare very solid long term performance and the current disruptions produce opportunities. Include biotechnology, insurers like UHC, Humana, medical devices, etc.
        3- China
        4- Aerospace and Defense
        5- Small/Large growth

        Don't currently like:

        1- Precious metals
        2- Latin America/Japan/India
        3- Bear Market
        4- Telecom
        5- Real Estate
        6- Banking
        7- Utilities/Natural Resources
        8- Bond Funds
        9- Currency Funds

        Holding judgement on Europe."