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Socially Responsible Funds?

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    We tell people to abandon emotion with investing with respect to timing of the market, listening to the news, etc.  Emotional investing leads us astray in many ways, rarely for the better and even in those cases it's more luck of timing than anything.  Socially responsible investing is illogical on multiple levels, many of which have been mentioned, thus they are primarily used for virtue signaling - an entirely emotional construct.  Why on earth would anyone advocating for emotional abandonment with investing otherwise advocate for emotional investment with these socially responsible funds?  Because they're being emotional.  Put those advocates on the same list of things to ignore.  Stay the course.


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      I know some do it for religious reasons, and not a lot you can do about that if you're a believer.

      I think it preposterous and basically just grift as funds cant charge much anymore and this works for them nicely.

      I mean a bank is on the list, so an entity that funds and holds deposits, performs banking for a bunch of the no touch companies is allowed? A bunch of tech companies that manufacture using basically slave labor? I mean where does one draw the line.

      Of course they underperform its a massive tilt away from the actual market.

      If someone chooses it, I think they have to do so knowing that returns are terrible, but they feel compelled. Heck of a trade off.


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        You may find this post interesting:
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