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Strange reporting on Columbia Index Funds

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  • Strange reporting on Columbia Index Funds

    I'm invested in Columbia index funds through my 403(b) and 457(b), and I noticed something funny happen yesterday.  I'm not sure if this is because I'm a novice and I'm missing something or there was actually a strange occurrence.  The funds are NINDX (large cap), NMPAX (mid cap), and NMSCX (small cap), and I'm invested in each of these to mirror VTSAX (70% large, 20% mid, and 10% small).


    Yesterday, when the market gained about 1%, all 3 of these funds posted a loss, with the largest being -4.3% for the large cap fund. That's strange enough, considering that it should be following what the index does.  However, this morning, I noticed that the same funds are reporting a gain of about 1% but the actual dollar value has decreased.


    Example: NINDX (large cap) went from $50.68/share on Monday to $48.50/share on Tuesday, but they're now reporting a 50 cent increase in share price and about a 1% gain for the day.


    How is this possible? I must be missing something.

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      How does a dividend payout affect the price per share?  And why did it initially report a loss and now a gain?


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        "How does a dividend payout affect the price per share?" If only there were some sort of search tool on your computer where u could type such a question and find all you could want to know and more about it...

        It paid out a $0.16 div and $2.52 in cap gains yesterday. You probably reinvest, so now you own more shares with each worth less. Which is why most mutual funds are tax inefficient.

        Looks like you've got some reading to do wrt how mutual funds work!


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            Keep up the good work.


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              Woah there, Intensive Care Bear.  This thread was dead and I learned what I needed to.  No need to add any unhelpful comments.


              FYI: I chose from my available options and came up with what I believe to be a simple portfolio.  I needed to hold a domestic stock fund in my tax deferred accounts and VTSAX wasn't available, so I put the above allocation together to mirror it.  How is this getting fancy?


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                MPDO, ignore the negativity. There are no stupid questions in this forum. It’s great to see that you noticed the drop and asked about it. You’re doing the right thing for your financial future. Keep at it.