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Can anyone recommend a fee based Financial Advisor in Nashville area?

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  • Can anyone recommend a fee based Financial Advisor in Nashville area?

    .. or Huntsville or Birmingham as I live in between, and am getting near retirement. Prefer  someone who works on an hourly basis or low cost AUM fee. Have already talked with the Vanguard PAS.

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    Check out Garrett Planning Network. All are hourly planners and all are fee-only (you don't want fee-based).

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      No one in Huntsville that I know of.  When I was looking at Garret a few years ago there was someone in Franklin, Tn and Birmingham.  Good luck.


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        Update: After months of combing the lists of fee only financial advisors, never could find a fixed fee one that I was comfortable with, for different reasons. So I'm going with an hourly fee person (Rick Ferri) to simplify my financial situation and keep me trucking alone. Eventually I will have to turn the wheel over to someone else.

        thanks for the input


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          Remember fee-based does not equal fee-only. Everyone on my recommended list is fee-only and has agreed to work with people in any location:

          Rick will help you design a portfolio, but he doesn't manage assets, so if you need that service you'll need to pick someone else to do that. Rick will help you negotiate a fair price with them though.

          Harry Sit will also help you find an "advice-only" advisor, but again, if you want assets managed, wrong place to go.
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