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What retirement plans can I use?

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  • What retirement plans can I use?

    Hi all - looking for some general guidance.

    I am a W2 with two employers. One offers a 403b plan with a match (I max this out but contributions are very low bc income is from one day/week).
    My main W2 employer doesn't offer any retirement plans.

    Assuming I had plenty of income to put away, what retirement plans would I be eligible to open as a W2 employee? Does the fact that I contribute through my other employer impact anything? What plans tax-deferred accounts would you open and fill first?

    Thanks for any and all input!

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    HSA? Are you doing BD Roth IRA? Nothing wrong with investing through a taxable account. If you had access to retirement plans at both W2 employers you would still have a single limit for employEE elective deferral contributions ($19.5K for 2020).


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      You're kind of stuck outside the options GasFIRE mentioned. Maybe 529's? Totally agree that this w/b a great time for loading up a taxable account. Check your other goals, too (education planning, debt management, upcoming vehicle purchases, etc).
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