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How do I know wether to leave or not?

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  • How do I know wether to leave or not?

    First job out of training. 6months into it they change the schedule style from NNP out of house call to in-house call, no NNP coverage. No change in salary. The week stretches of night shift mandatory inhouse feels like still in training. The bigger issue is that they mess around a lot with the scheduling, like adding extra shifts without notice and when i bring it up they just say "you are low on shifts". Honestly frustrated, yet not trying to make decisions while im mad.

    Is leaving this earlier is a good thing either? There are other jobs I have lined up who are offer 1099 agreement which brings up another question: is 1099 through personal s-corp really that worth it?

    Should i stay or should i go?

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    If you’re seriously thinking whether this is the job for you then it probably isn’t. Changing the schedule without notice would be a non-starter for me.


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      I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with leaving a job shortly after joining, particularly if you can find another job. Just as long as you aren't hopping from job to job too frequently, I don't think that most people would think much about it if you had a reasonable explanation. The employer that hired you either did not do a good job explaining expectations of the job or is a crappy employer for changing the job shortly after you joined. Or you just did not understand the expectations of the job. Either way, no reason to waste too much time there if you have another position lined up. I would just look at your contract and make sure you understand any penalties (tail, sign on bonus, etc) you may have for leaving and how much notice you are required to give.


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        If you go there will be trouble
        And if you stay it will be double

        But seriously, I agree with nephron.


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          Re-read your contract. Is your employer complying with the terms of your contract? If no, then insist they do. If yes, quit (within the terms of your contract) and make sure you read and negotiate your next contract more carefully.


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            Just a word of caution, try to stand back and put the situation in context and view it as objectively as possible.
            •Is the discontent due to your wishes about the job or that the employer is simply being arbitrary or misrepresented the position?
            •You identified the symptoms, but how much is due to the turmoil caused by Covid-19? We’re the first 3 months any different?
            If you conclude it isn’t “fixable” , best to move on in an organized manner sooner rather than later. It’s not a blame game, it’s problem identification to avoid repeating.
            •With the current turmoil, that means a better fit and an offer or two in hand. The job market is different now and uncertain. Large and small employers are still working through disruptions and continuing issues.

            No benefit for staying if its broken. Not where you want to be, better fit is needed. Chose wisely.


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              I agree with Tim - Dont leave before getting a better offer. More importantly, the response to your question also depends on the situation. In a pre covid world I would say sure leave, but - is this change in schedule due to COVID? If that's the case then your boss may not be necessarily screwing you over. COVID changed many employees schedules and responsibilities on the fly, and not just for doctors but for floor nurses, NPs and PAs too. I know people who got suddenly furloughed, some non call people got told to expect not to work again until June (happened in mid March), others went from xxxx specialty to ICU attendings, etc. What the responsibilities and schedule will be post COVID should be your concern and what you should base your decision on. Or maybe its a poor fit for other reasons too.


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                On your S Corp question, WCI has several posts. Just use the home page search function, but here is the basic info: