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    Originally posted by Hatton View Post
    I was in a wreck where I was sandwiched like you describe. They totaled the car because the electronics in bumpers is expensive to repair.
    The crash avoidance electronics, ironically.


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      Originally posted by Lordosis View Post
      Sounds like a good idea but where does it stop. Are we going to be walking around with our phones poking out of our shirt pockets to record 24/7?

      This might be the first step.
      Maybe when the liability of just walking around approaches that of driving in a car. Until then, I think this is specious reasoning.


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        Originally posted by Lordosis View Post

        Of course it is always better when you can pick and choose what to reveal.
        Yes, got to love it. Creative editing for the win!


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          I have a front/rear Blackvue 750 for the last two years. Had it professionally installed at a car audio shop. Still working and I let it run 6 hours in parking mode.

          Never know when you will be in an accident and need video to keep people honest.


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            Everyone should have a dashcam. We have many reckless drivers in south Fl where I live. The footage from mine and my gf's dashcam has been beneficial in many situations. She was involved in a crash where the other driver merged into her turn lane illegally and the other driver tried to put the blame on her in front of the police officer. We later emailed the footage to the officer who amended the police report stating the other car was at fault. My car was hit while a valet driver was inside the car and the incident was recorded. We had another incident where a valet driver stole items out of my center console. The video faced outward however audio was captured with the sound of the center console opening/closing with the valet driver in the car unnecessarily for about 2 mins after he parked. Needless to say I don't valet park anymore.

            I own the Aukey DR-02 D dual dashcam. Just installed the rear cam this weekend!
            I highly recommend either this cam or the single forward facing DR-02. Install is straightforward and it makes a great gift!