Earned is a wealth management firm built exclusively for physicians. We work with you to build a 360 degree view of your finances, everything from career advisory, insurance, and cash management, to estate planning, investing, and taxes. Our proprietary technology, including an iOS app, gives on-demand access to your full financial life, keeping you and your financial health and wellness a top priority. We’ll analyze your current finances and offer you potential opportunities to improve. Speak to a senior advisor to learn more.

  • Services: Financial Planning, Investment Management, Student Loan Management, Tax Strategizing, Estate Planning, Contract Reviews, Workplace Retirement Plans
  • Ideal Client: A physician at any career stage, from training to retirement
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Earned ApplicationADV2
  • Website, [email protected], (914) 417-4556

Fee Structure

We offer two products: a flat fee wealth diagnostic and an asset-based structure for full wealth optimization. Our flat fee service, the Physician Wealth Diagnostic, acts as a second opinion on financial health and wellness, and provides physicians with a step-by-step guide on how to implement improvements in career/compensation, tax planning, investments, estate planning, cash management, and debt management. This offering is ideal for physicians managing their own finances and looking for fresh ways to improve their financial outcomes. The cost of the Wealth Diagnostic is $5,000 and includes a money back guarantee.

For physicians who prefer a wealth partner to execute a plan on their behalf, we offer ongoing wealth optimization, which includes the diagnostic plus ongoing plan monitoring, portfolio management (with tax-smart custom indexing), tax planning services, and more. Exclusively for White Coat Investor members, we offer an asset-based structure with a 0.95% fee for assets below $2M (minimum of $2,400 per year). Above $2M, our effective fee drops to 0.90%. Make sure you mention White Coat Investor when contacting our advisors to lock in this fee.