Protection Point Advisors

At Protection Point Advisors, I focus specifically on helping Kaiser Permanente Physicians and their families live better, healthier financial lives. As the spouse of a Kaiser Permanente physician, I’ve spent countless hours researching the many layers of Kaiser’s financial programs, including the Common Plan, the Keogh Plan, and various aspects of life insurance. By bringing together that deep knowledge of Kaiser’s complex benefits plan and my years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), I am able to offer unique insights to help you and your family make benefit elections and financial decisions to help grow and protect your wealth.

In my experience, busy physicians find it challenging to make time for financial planning. And yet, just as your patients require regular care, your finances require consistent attention to achieve optimal health. To make the process as easy as possible, I am happy to meet at your Southern California office, medical center, or home. For Kaiser Permanente Physicians outside Southern California, I’m happy to meet via Skype.

Ready to learn more? Read my LinkedIn blog or contact me today to schedule a no-obligation appointment to explore how I can help.


Fee Structure:

Kaiser Permanente clients receive ongoing investment management and comprehensive financial planning services at an annual fee of 1.00% of all Schwab assets under management, including the KP Keogh.

There is no additional planning fee for assets held in the KP Schwab 401(k) or for additional assets not held at Schwab. However, these assets are carefully considered in the planning process and are reviewed annually to confirm proper allocation across the investment portfolio. More frequent allocation review of these assets is available by request at no additional charge.

We also offer introductory pricing for early-career KP associates with investable assets under $400,000. These clients are charged a flat annual fee of $3,000 until they reach $400,000 in AUM, at which point they are graduated into our standard fee schedule of 1.00% AUM.

Assets Level/Type  Annual Fee* 
Up to $400,000 in assets $4,000 flat
$400,000+ in assets held at Schwab, including KP Keogh 1.00% (no additional planning fee)
KP Schwab 401(k) Included
Assets held outside of Schwab Included

* For your convenience, fees are deducted from account(s) under management when possible; this may create a tax benefit.