The White Coat Investor online courseWe have several products we have put together for your benefit here at The White Coat Investor and over the years hope to add more.

The Online Course

Our online course, provocatively titled “Fire Your Financial Advisor” is designed to take you from being financially illiterate without a written financial plan to knowing the basics (and many advanced concepts) and having a written financial plan (and most importantly the ability to write your own financial plan) and the ability to follow it to financial success. A blog, podcast, and forum are great for entertainment, discovering new concepts, and staying up to date, but they’re lousy for providing a framework on which to hang your new knowledge. The online course provides you that framework so you can catch up to your fellow white coat investors rapidly and have the ability to synthesize new information onto your existing knowledge base. It is approximately eight hours long if you watch all the videos, take all the tests/quizzes, and do all the exercises. You can take it with your partner (but not your entire department). It costs just $499 (way cheaper than hiring a financial planner) and comes with a one-week, no questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

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WCICon18The Live Continuing Education Conference

Our live conference, The Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference (aka WCICON), took place for the first time in 2018 in Park City, UT. It sold out in six days, but we were able to take some people from the waiting list. That conference was also turned into an online course, so you can still attend if you like. The online version does not include CME, but it does include fantastic presentations from Jonathan Clements, William Bernstein, Mike Piper, and others. It costs just $299 and comes with a one week money back guarantee if you have watched less than 25% of the 12 hours of material.

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Our next conference will take place March 12-14th, 2020 in Las Vegas. It sold out in 22 hours, but you can still sign up for the waiting list with a reasonable chance of getting off of it. It will include 27 hours of classes instead of just 12 and will last three days instead of just two. You can learn more about the conference here, or sign-up to get on the waiting list here.

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The Books

I have written two books, one published in 2014 and one published in 2019.

The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing

The original best-selling book, published shortly after my wife and I became millionaires, documents our journey from broke undergrads to financial success. It also teaches the basics of personal finance in a doctor-friendly way and most importantly, teaches you all the doctor specific stuff that most financial authors simply don’t know. Short, sweet, and to the point, it is that “$2 Million Book” you’ve been searching for.

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The White Coat Investor’s Financial Boot Camp: A 12-Step Guide to Bring Your Finances Up to Speed

White Coat Investor's Financial Boot CampThis book grew out of a 12 email course designed to bring the new reader up to speed with their white coat investor peers. If you’re the type who wants a high-yield, step-by-step guide (do this, then do this etcetera) that tells you exactly what to do and why, this is the book for you. It provides not only the instructions, but inspiring anecdotes from white coat investors just like you who have already done it.

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