When you finance with Chad Mullenix at CMG Home Loans, you get over 18 years of mortgage lending expertise, incomparable integrity, and more loan options made for you. Chad has helped close over 9,000 loans throughout his career and offers several special loan programs including the All In One Loan™ and All In One Loan™ Texas Homestead.

The All In One Loan™ and All In One Loan™ Texas Homestead are changing the way homeowners and buyers think about mortgage. The All In One First Lien HELOC not only provides 24/7 access to home equity for longer, but is linked with your personal checking account. This makes it easier for you to quickly shrink the cost of your mortgage and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payment expenses. Oftentimes, All In One Loan™ and All In One Loan™ Texas Homestead borrowers can pay off their mortgage balance in half the time or less without changing their budget.

Loan Officer: Chad Mullenix
States: TX


All In One Loan™

  • In Texas, available for secondary homes or investment properties
  • First-Lien, 30-year Draw
  • Automatic Sweep functionality from checking account to LOC

All In One Loan™ Texas Homestead

  • Texas primary residences only (Homestead properties)
  • First-lien, 25-year Draw
  • Linked checking account that makes it easy to transfer in money and advance
  • Advance out minimum of $4,000

All In One Loan benefits for both products:

  • 24/7 access to equity without refinancing
  • Line amounts to $2 million
  • Available for single-family homes, condos and 2-4-unit properties
  • Home purchases and refinances permitted


All professions eligible


  • High loan amounts
  • No amortization schedules
  • No payment schedule
  • Longer access to HELOC
  • Easier to pay down mortgage faster

Chad Mullenix (NMLS #260298) can be reached 512-657-8017 or [email protected]