Malpractice Study

Malpractice Study- There was a great study on the frequency of malpractice suits and settlements by specialty in the New England Journal of Medicine recently.  Figure 1 contains the meat of the articl...

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Types of Credit Cards

Types of Credit Cards I confess, I love using credit cards. I charged over $45,000 on credit cards last year.  I love the convenience of using them to book air travel and to make online purchases.  I...

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Physician Retirement Survey

Physician Retirement Survey Jackson and Coker recently completed a survey of physicians about retirement. The most interesting statistic in my opinion is that 70% of physicians have changed their reti...

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Rebalancing- The 5/25 Rule

Rebalancing- The 5/25 Rule My long-time readers (as if there are any on a 3 month old blog) know that I am an advocate for a low-cost, buy-and-hold, static-asset-allocation portfolio. A key component...

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Student Loans vs Investing

One of the most common questions and debates among blog readers is what to do with excess income- pay down debt or invest. There are a lot of considerations that go into this question, and there isn't necessarily a right answer for any given person at any given time. Read these guidelines to help you make your decision.

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A Great Book On Contracts

A Great Book On Contracts As a physician you'll be entering into a number of contracts during your career. The most important one is probably your employment contract. Physicians are poor negotiators...

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10 Reasons Why Residents Shouldn’t Buy A House

Graduating medical students (and especially their spouses) have a burning desire to buy a house to feel like they've finally made it. If they're smart, they'll curb it. Buying a house in residency is a huge gamble of your time and money at a period of life when you have little of either..

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Live Like a Resident

The secret to becoming a wealthy physician is contained in these four words: "Live Like A Resident." If you're earning like an attending, but spending like a resident, you will become very wealthy, very fast.

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Meditation on the Enclosure

The X Factor

Financial knowledge isn't enough. Without the X Factor, you'll never reach financial success. Motivation breeds hard work and discipline, which in turn breed wealth.

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REPAYE Case Studies

Guest blogger Dr. Wise Money explains how REPAYE works and shows how you can decide if it is right for you. The lower your income and the higher your debt, the more likely REPAYE is for you.

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