Rethinking Bonds In Taxable

For some time those "in the know" have been recommending that if you have both taxable and tax-protected accounts, that you preferentially place stocks into the taxable account and more tax-inefficien...

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Peer to Peer Lending Update

Those of you who have followed the blog for the last year or so know I've been "messing around" with a relatively new asset class in my portfolio, peer to peer loans through Lending Club and Prosper. ...

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Who Should Own The 529?

A 529 plan is a college savings plan usually run by an individual state.  There are also independent plans and plans run by educational institutions (which can only be the pre-paid tuition type.)  As...

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Live Like a Resident

The secret to becoming a wealthy physician is contained in these four words: "Live Like A Resident." If you're earning like an attending, but spending like a resident, you will become very wealthy, very fast.

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Meditation on the Enclosure

The X Factor

Financial knowledge isn't enough. Without the X Factor, you'll never reach financial success. Motivation breeds hard work and discipline, which in turn breed wealth.

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REPAYE Case Studies

Guest blogger Dr. Wise Money explains how REPAYE works and shows how you can decide if it is right for you. The lower your income and the higher your debt, the more likely REPAYE is for you.

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