Medelita Scrubs Review

One nice little benefit of being a blogger with an audience of decent size is that from time to time people offer you free stuff in the hopes that you'll like it and say something nice about it on the...

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physician finance book

Part Time Work and Job Sharing

[Editor's Note:  This is a guest post from Jeff Steiner, DO.  Jeff is a practicing pediatric anesthesiologist and also the author of The Physician's Guide to Personal Finance: The review book for the...

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OmniMed Financial

Regular readers know that I do a post about my long-term regular advertisers.  This is good for them, because they get a little bit of extra publicity for their business, good for you because you get...

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Live Like a Resident

The secret to becoming a wealthy physician is contained in these four words: "Live Like A Resident." If you're earning like an attending, but spending like a resident, you will become very wealthy, very fast.

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Meditation on the Enclosure

The X Factor

Financial knowledge isn't enough. Without the X Factor, you'll never reach financial success. Motivation breeds hard work and discipline, which in turn breed wealth.

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REPAYE Case Studies

Guest blogger Dr. Wise Money explains how REPAYE works and shows how you can decide if it is right for you. The lower your income and the higher your debt, the more likely REPAYE is for you.

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