Physician Financial Partners

One of my long-term advertisers is Physician Financial Partners (PFP).  I had the opportunity recently to interview Bill Zelenik, the CEO of Millenium Brokerage, a strategic marketing partner with the...

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Medelita Scrubs Review

One nice little benefit of being a blogger with an audience of decent size is that from time to time people offer you free stuff in the hopes that you'll like it and say something nice about it on the...

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OmniMed Financial

Regular readers know that I do a post about my long-term regular advertisers.  This is good for them, because they get a little bit of extra publicity for their business, good for you because you get...

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GL Advisors – A Review

[Update- 3/31/2015- For those who are unaware, GL Advisors is either out of business or rapidly heading in that direction. Most of their employees have left after their owner was accused of embezzling...

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safe harbor rule

Tax Software Makes It Easy

I use tax software to do my taxes each year because it makes it faster, easier, and more accurate than filling out the forms on my own.  I prefer the Turbotax Basic Edition, but it isn't necessarily a...

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The Best Credit Card For Gas

Do you buy gasoline for your car?  Me too.  Would you like a no-hassle 5% discount on every tank?  Then do what I've been doing for the last few years, use the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Platinum C...

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USAA Insurance Review

One way this website makes money is through affiliate marketing.  Some ads pay just to be seen, and others pay me only if you click on them.  With affiliate marketing, you generally have to do somethi...

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