Who Should Own The 529?

A 529 plan is a college savings plan usually run by an individual state.  There are also independent plans and plans run by educational institutions (which can only be the pre-paid tuition type.)  As...

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Tips for Derm Residents

Larry Keller, an insurance agent who frequents the blog, and I co-wrote an article recently in the American Academy of Dermatology publication aimed at residents and fellows.  It is in no way dermatol...

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No More Subsidized Loans

No More Subsidized Loans This may not apply to many of the attendings who read this blog, but for the pre-med and medical student audience, I hope you didn't miss this news item a few weeks ago.  One...

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A Great Book On Contracts

A Great Book On Contracts As a physician you'll be entering into a number of contracts during your career. The most important one is probably your employment contract. Physicians are poor negotiators...

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