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All About Residents – Podcast #61

Today's podcast is about issues facing residents: student loans, when & if you should refinance those loans, disability insurance, retirement accounts, buying a home versus renting, & the importance of living like a resident after residency.

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The Story of The White Coat Investor Part 1

I've blogged at the White Coat Investor for over 7 years but have never told my whole story. Today we tell part of that story from my childhood through medical school. Part 1 of a 3 part blog series so you'll know me and my financial history a whole lot better.

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The Value of Patience

Impatience is a disease that keeps high-income professionals stressed about finances and running on the treadmill to keep up with their lifestyle. Show some patience and you'll have all the stuff you desire including financial independence.

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Choice and Consequences

One of the lessons frequently taught to me growing up was that I was free to choose anything I like, but that I wasn't free to choose the consequences of my choices. Those were attached to the choices, like two ends of a stick.

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