Podcast Shownotes

Asset Location

Answering questions about asset location, including weighing tax efficiency against higher returns, high-yielding ETFs, and bonds with high fees.

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The Wage Gap in Medicine

An interview with Dr. Shikha Jain, where we talk about how the COVID pandemic exacerbated the wage gap, how you can find allies and sponsors, and how fixing the system is good for everyone.

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Overcoming a Late Start

An interview with an emergency medicine physician where we talk about an inflated lifestyle, the shame one might feel, and how to solve those problems to still reach financial independence.

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Using Retirement Accounts

Answering retirement account questions, including whether diversification is more important than fees, how the Secure Act 2.0 affects you, and whether you should roll multiple accounts into one.

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Navigating a Lawsuit

An enlightening interview with a doctor who went through a malpractice lawsuit. We talk about how to prepare for a trial and how hiring a personal attorney to go with the hordes of other involved lawyers was key.

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Where to Store Your Money

Answering reader questions about where to save your money in the short term, when whole life insurance is a good idea, and what're the latest tax requirements when dealing with Venmo.

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