Podcast Shownotes

Getting a Financial Plan in Place

Along with financial planner SC Gutierrez, answering reader questions about the benefits of the new SAVE student loan program, the importance of a written financial plan, and using HSAs as retirement accounts.

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Financial Therapy with Aja Evans

An interview with financial therapist, Aja Evans, where we talk about the guilt and shame that can come from making a financial mistake and the impact of not being comfortable having open conversations about finances.

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Send Your Kids to College

Answering reader questions about how to pay for your children's college, including how much you should put in your 529, how much you can gift to them, and what to do if you don't trust their financial decisions.

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What Is the 4% Rule?

Answering reader questions about the 4% rule and pensions, whether you should pay down your mortgage or invest, and how much you can use long-term capital losses to offset short-term capital gains.

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Investment Accounts

Answering reader questions about the tax implications of UTMA accounts, whether one doc should buy a pension or contribute to a 401(a), and whether you can put lawsuit winnings into a SEP-IRA.

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