Portfolio Design

Extreme Portfolio

Avoid Extreme Portfolios

Some portfolios are just stupid. Even in extreme economic situations, they are still stupid. Constructing a reasonable portfolio isn't that hard and, if well funded and held onto for a few decades, you'll reach almost any reasonable financial goal.

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Be Confident!

While being overconfident is obviously a bad thing, being underconfident can be an expensive mistake too. Get a grip on yourself and realize that you know a lot more than you think.

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The Easy Way

In Defense of The Easy Way

Maybe you don't have to organize your asset allocation across a half dozen accounts. Maybe it doesn't matter all that much. What if you just picked a reasonable asset allocation for each account?

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moraine lake

Don’t Give Up On International Stocks

International stocks are solid investments worthy of your investing dollars, despite the fact that many US companies receive significant revenue from other countries. Allocating a reasonable portion of a public equity portfolio to international stocks adds valuable diversification.

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