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PSLF Side fund

PSLF Side Fund

Worried PSLF is going away? The solution isn't to avoid the program, it's to save up a side fund you can use to pay off the loans if it does.

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white coat investor podcast

Basics of Investing – Podcast #55

Today's podcast is sharing all things everybody ought to know about the basics of investing. Basics like understanding your investments, diversification, timing, risk tolerance, speculation, rebalancing, retirement accounts, staying the course. and more. Plus, great reader questions are answered.

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Top 5 Money Lessons from Prince

Financial lessons to be learned from Prince? You bet. That Raspberry Beret wasn't bought on credit at Bloomingdale's but at a secondhand store. I'd wager she has more money than most doc's driving that Little Red Corvette. Here's Physician on FIRE's tribute to the legend.

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