Student Loans

Student Loan Management Issues

Student loan management is a critical aspect of financial planning for doctors. Most doctors are going to want to refinance their loans at some point, but perhaps not in residency as rates are a little higher and the new REPAYE program is in some ways more attractive.

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New Players In Student Loan Refinancing

Student loans really suck. But starting in 2013 refinancing them became possible again. This competitive marketplace is constantly evolving for your benefit and there are now six companies offering a special deal to WCI readers to refinance their student loans to as low as 1.9% variable, including two that will refinance your loans even while you're still in residency!

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Resident Refinance vs PSLF

I'm running two posts this week about student loans, this one today and a guest post tomorrow. Today's post will be about whether or not to refinance as a resident, a very complicated topic. Tomorrow'...

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Starting At Zero

The first goal for most doctors is to get back to a net worth of zero. It will be far easier to do that if you don't have any credit card debt and if you "go nuts" on your student loans for your first year or two out of residency.

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Debt-free vs $430K

[Editor's Note: This guest post grew out of an email interaction I had with a regular reader who is a member of a two physician couple. I was surprised to hear that while she had zero debt, he had a r...

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