Income Based Repayment

Income Based Repayment  Student Loans Series Part 2 As previously noted in my post on student loans, the financial situation for medical students is getting much worse.  There are a couple of bright s...

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No More Subsidized Loans

No More Subsidized Loans This may not apply to many of the attendings who read this blog, but for the pre-med and medical student audience, I hope you didn't miss this news item a few weeks ago.  One...

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Types of Credit Cards

Types of Credit Cards I confess, I love using credit cards. I charged over $45,000 on credit cards last year.  I love the convenience of using them to book air travel and to make online purchases.  I...

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Student Loans vs Investing

One of the most common questions and debates among blog readers is what to do with excess income- pay down debt or invest. There are a lot of considerations that go into this question, and there isn't necessarily a right answer for any given person at any given time. Read these guidelines to help you make your decision.

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