Year End Blog Report 2011

Like many of you, I do an assessment of my personal finances at the end of each year and see how I did.  I check my savings rate, calculate my rate of return on my investments, and set goals for the c...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Just a quick note of thanks today. I'm thankful to be healthy.  Every day I go to work and I'm healthier than almost all of the patients I see. I'm thankful to be gainfully employe...

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The Finances of this Blog

The Finances of this Blog This blog has just finished its third month.  I started the website on May 13th.  I published my first blog post on May 17th, 75 days ago.  I also began tracking page views o...

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First Post!

Welcome to The White Coat Investor.  The blog and site are just getting off the ground.  I want the site to have quality static pages independent of any future blog posts, so I've really been working...

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