I had a regular reader write in today:

I'm writing to see if you might have any recommendations for resources
relating to starting an independent physician practice?

Lord knows there's all sorts of “Medical Management Consultants”, but
you're a voice I trust, so I thought I might see if you know of any
good organizations, books, etc.

My particular case is psychiatry, but any small independent practice
(GP, Family, etc.) would have overlap in the issues facing a new
practice, I'd guess.

I didn't have much to offer him, since I've never set up my own independent practice.  I referred him to Physicians Practice but didn't really feel like that was exactly what he was looking for.

Amazon shows a few books on the subject, such as Essentials of Physician Practice Management or The E-myth Physician: Why most medical practices don't work and what to do about it or Physician Practice Management:Essential Operational and Financial Knowledge but the most promising one was this one: Starting A Medical Practice.

I haven't read any of these and like most books directed towards docs, they're all a little pricey.  I was hoping this blog's collective readership might have some more suggestions for our fine psychiatrist or perhaps some comments about the books listed above.  What online or print resources have you found helpful in starting and running an independent medical practice?  Please add them to the comments below.  This is a huge issue for dentists as well, so let's hear from you guys too.