Caligiuri Financial

Mike Caligiuri specializes in helping physicians and physician-scientists with their financial planning needs.  The two services he offers are the One-Time Financial Plan and the Financial Planning Partnership. The One-Time Financial Plan is a great way to get a “no strings attached” second opinion to make sure you're on the right track, and the Financial Planning Partnership gives you the opportunity to hire someone in charge of keeping you on the right track.

Many people may believe “they’re good” financially if their investment accounts are performing well, but other important areas of financial planning are often neglected (even for people with existing advisors!).  For example, have you had your homeowners, auto, and umbrella insurance coverage looked at recently? This is an example of a “little thing” most financial advisors ignore that isn’t actually a little thing (liability risk is real!).  If you want a detail-oriented advisor to make sure all your bases are covered, get in touch with Mike at


Fee Structure

The fee for a Comprehensive Financial Plan is $600.

For investment management, the fees are as follows:

Account Value Annual Advisory Fee
$0 – $2,000,000 1.00%
$2,000,001 – $4,000,000 0.90%
All amounts thereafter 0.80%


For clients with less than $200,000 in assets under management, the fee is $175 per month.