Loan Officer: Jim Secrest
States: AR, KS, MO, OK


  1. We will go to 103% LTV up to a loan amount of $1.25mil (Can roll up to 3% in closing costs into the loan). 
  2. 95% LTV up to a loan amount of $1.75mil
  3. We offer 5YR ARM, 7YR ARM, & 10YR ARM, all of which are amortized of 30 years.
  4. We offer a 15YR fixed rate Physician Mortgage Loan in addition to our ARMs.
  5. We offer these loans in KS, MO, AR, OK


They have to be a practicing physician, MD or in Residency.  The only doctors we don’t do are Chiropractors and Veterinarian.


  1. 103% financing, I believe I am the only lender that allows closing cost to be financed.
  2. H1B & J1 work Visa accepted.
  3. We take the higher mid-fico score of either borrower, even if the spouse is not a physician, I don’t know of any lenders that do this.
  4. 660 minimum score for practicing physicians, 640 for residents
  5. No monthly PMI and no prepayment penalty if you want to pay the loan off early.
  6. My clients have my cell number and can get a hold of me 24/7, I pride myself on my customer service.
  7. We portfolio these loans which means they stay with Arvest for the life of the loan.  We service the loan and they can call my cell number anytime with questions.
  8. Physician can close up to 4 months before they start their job, I don’t know of any other lenders that do that, most are 60-90 days.
  9. Debt Ratio goes up to 50%

Jim Secrest (NMLS #1104170) can be reached at 913-634-2323 or [email protected]


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