APM Wealth – Financial Planning For Anesthesiologists & Pain Physicians

My wife Sarah is an anesthesia resident here in Philadelphia, and my firm focuses on providing fee-only financial planning and investment advice with specialty-specific insights around contracts, practice models, and career opportunities for those in the anesthesiology and pain medicine communities. Learn more about me here, and check out my podcast here for more information.  Set up a no-obligation intro call today, or email me directly at [email protected]

  • Services: Financial planning, investment management, student loan management, contract reviews (anesthesiologists/pain doctors only)
  • Ideal Client: Anesthesiologists and pain management physicians
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • APM Wealth Application, ADV2
  • Website[email protected], (412) 576-7511


Fee Structure

We operate on a flat fee basis for maximal transparency.

For Residents/Fellows: $249 for a 90min working session to address your choice of student loans, insurance, employer benefits, investments, or other questions.  Residents/fellows also qualify for a discounted rate of $99/mo for ongoing financial planning services.

For Attending Physicians:
Our financial planning and investment management services are rendered on a flat fee basis per the below schedule:

Net Worth Monthly Fee Annual Fee
< $499,999  $              499.00  $              5,988.00
$500,000 – $749,999  $              575.00  $              6,900.00
$750,000 – $999,999  $              650.00  $              7,800.00
$1mm – $1.499mm  $              750.00  $              9,000.00
$1.5mm – $2.499mm  $              875.00  $           10,500.00
$2.5mm – $3.999mm  $          1,050.00  $           12,600.00
+4mm  $          1,250.00  $           15,000.00

You can see more detail here on our fees and services.