Well, I'm home! I know you've been getting posts in your email box from me every day for the last 5 weeks and downloading new podcasts each week, but I haven't done a lick of WCI work during that entire time period. I've been too busy doing this:



and this:



and this:



and this:



The best part about all this is that WCI continued to run despite my absence thanks to our wonderful dedicated team members. In fact our entire executive team has been gone for a significant part of this Spring. Katie was gone for two of those weeks and our COO and CTO spent 6 weeks this Spring working from Guatemala. What a great crew! Look at all the good stuff they did while I was gone! Now we have a WCI Store and last week we even had our 10 year WCI Anniversary without me even being here!

Today's post isn't going to be too long though. I'm writing it late at night less than an hour prior to publication. Actually, I totally forgot I had to write it and had gone on a date night (your best asset protection move by the way) to see Les Miserables with Katie tonight. But once again, our wonderful staff members reminded me to get it done!

As part of our 10th anniversary celebration over the last week we have had a number of contests on our various platforms and today we'd like to announce the winners. Congratulations to all! Let's get you some free WCI swag!

Monday's contest was for blog readers. Our winners of a free WCI T-shirt of their choice are:

  • Nancy Lin
  • Jeremy Reitinger
  • Sam Thomsen

Email [email protected] with your mailing address, desired T shirt, and size and we'll get them shipped off.

Tuesday's contest was for new WCI Newsletter readers. Our winners of a WCI Journal, Pen, and Sticker of their choice are:

  • Joe-jfoss
  • Ellenmarchese
  • Alexanwpeters

Email [email protected] with your mailing address and sticker and we'll send your swag.

Wednesday's contest was for our followers on “the Gram”. They each get all three WCI books.

  • Jayjaynoo
  • Racelari

Same drill, email [email protected] with your mailing address.

Thursday's contest was for WCI Podcast listeners. They each get a WCI Yeti Tumbler. (Special thanks to the Physician on FIRE for guest hosting while I was gone).

  • vi raj
  • Coucoui 6
  • Mtn-Girl

Email your mailing address to [email protected] to get your prize shipped to you.

Friday's contest was for our Twitter followers with winners receiving a free T-shirt. Winners are:

  • David Skolnick
  • Daniel Liu
  • Mitul Mehta

Email your mailing address, desired T-shirt, and size to [email protected].

Saturday's contest was for our Facebook followers. These three winners also get a free WCI T-shirt!

  • PA the FI way
  • Ernesto De Jesus
  • Physician Off Duty

Email your mailing address, desired T-shirt, and size to [email protected].

Sunday's contest was for our forum folks, on the WCI Forum, the Subreddit, and the WCI Facebook Group. These winners each get a WCI T-shirt:

  • Lordosis
  • dat_big_pharma
  • Jenny Siebert

Email your mailing address, desired T-shirt, and size to [email protected].

Yesterday's contest was for our new Youtube subscribers. They also get a T-shirt.

  • Tara Jock
  • Hayden Smith
  • Jordan Reece

Email your mailing address, desired T-shirt, and size to [email protected].

And finally, our grand prize winner, who gets a free WCI online course of their choice, is

Physician off Duty!

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you everybody for helping us to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and thank you for being part of this community! I've personally benefitted from my interactions with you and hope the community has helped you to get a fair shake on Wall Street!

While it was great to be away, it's also great to be home. Let's have a wonderful summer together!

What do you think? What ideas do you have for future WCI promotions? Comment below!